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XERO Push-to-Fit Straight Reducer


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Product Description

About the XERO Push-to-Fit Straight Reducer

This XERO Push-to-Fit Straight Reducer, with its push-to-fit design, proves invaluable for connecting polyurethane hoses of varying sizes, maximizing the utility of your equipment.

Available in assorted sizes to accommodate diverse hose diameters, these fittings also facilitate pressure optimization by downsizing hose diameters. Notably, the push-to-fit mechanism ensures both secure hose attachment during use and effortless removal when needed.

The 5/16 to 1/4 inch variant serves as a replacement fitting for the XERO In-Line TDS Meter, ensuring seamless integration with your water fed pole system. To install, simply insert the meter into the 1/4" end and connect your 5/16" hose to the opposite end, facilitating real-time monitoring of TDS levels during cleaning operations.

Whether repairing your TDS Meter setup or adapting hose sizes, rely on the XERO Push-to-Fit Straight Reducer for efficient connectivity.

*Color may vary.

**5/16" suitable for XERO Hose.


  • Durable plastic
  • Two spring-loaded push-release buttons
  • Great for connecting two different sized water fed hoses
  • Three different sizes
  • Easy to use
Product Name Length Width Height Weight
XERO Push to Fit Straight Reducer - 5/16 to 1/4 Inch 1.5" 0.5" 0.5" 0.16 oz
XERO Push to Fit Straight Reducer - 5/16 to 3/8 Inch 1.625" 0.75" 0.75" 0.48 oz
XERO Push to Fit Straight Reducer - 3/8 to 1/2 Inch 1.75" 0.75" 0.75" 0.56 oz

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