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Brushing, mopping or rinsing screens is now a thing of the past! Make screen cleaning fast and easy with the XERO Screen Cleaner. It is a HUGE time saver and the perfect add-on service or upsell. Customers are always quick to tell us what a great investment this is!

The XERO Screen Cleaner washes screens easily and quickly and can even tackle screens as large as a standard patio door screen. It has great scrubbing power, a built-in shutoff valve, and attracts the attention of neighbors and passersby. 

Four support legs unfold in seconds. The unit is sturdy and easy to set up: simply unfold the legs, plug in your water source, and you are ready to go. Totally compact and easy to store or transport as well.

If screen cleaning has always been a back-breaking chore for you, this is a great unit to invest in. It will pay for itself very quickly and save you a ton of time on your next screen cleaning job.


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