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XERO Ultimate Residential Kit

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Product Description

About the XERO Ultimate Residential Kit

Looking for the perfect package that includes everything you'll need to handle residential window cleaning tasks effectively? With the XERO Ultimate Residential Kit, your search comes to an end. This set supplies you with multiple carefully selected tools that are guaranteed to assist you in getting those residential jobs finished the right way.

Package Contents:


The XERO Pure is a comprehensive three-stage water purification system designed to elevate your window cleaning performance, ensuring spot-free results on windows, glass, and solar panels. Notably, it comes with a 12-year warranty covering all non-consumable system parts.

Weighing in at 51 pounds, these durable systems are lightweight, making them easy to load and unload from your vehicle. The high-quality plastic wheels contribute to their ease of transportation during use. The filters are securely mounted on a robust steel frame, offering stability, and the system can be used in either an upright or horizontal position, providing flexibility for the user. Additionally, the XERO Pure is designed to work seamlessly with a reliable water source, eliminating the need for an additional pump.

The three-stage purification process involves Carbon Filtration, Reverse Osmosis (RO), and Deionization (DI). In the first stage, water passes through a carbon filter, effectively removing larger particles. Then the water undergoes the RO process, where contaminants are eliminated by the RO membrane. The final stage involves the water entering the DI housing for a meticulous refinement process, ensuring that its Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level is maintained below 10 ppm. It's important to note that when the TDS reading exceeds 10 ppm, it signals the need to replace the resin in the system.

XERO Pro Basic Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

The 30-foot XERO Pro Basic is an exceptionally lightweight water-fed pole and the perfect height for residential cleans. Made from quality carbon fiber material, this pole also features durable bolt-on clamps that are user-friendly and will securely hold your extended sections in place as you work.

To enhance the pole's durability, the clamps are complemented by a plastic end defender at the pole's end. Even without a base cap, this defender ensures your pole remains unharmed while working on pavement surfaces.

The XERO Pro Basic comes with a 12-inch XERO Hybrid Brush, featuring a fast lock socket for convenient brush swaps. The outer nylon bristles effortlessly reach corners and edges and ensure a smooth gliding experience, while the inner boar's hair bristles effectively agitate grime on the glass. The brush's two pencil jets help to blast away dirt.

This pole also includes a 40-foot pole hose along with the essential fittings needed to connect your brush. For added versatility, the XERO Standard Angle Adapter is included, allowing easy adjustment of the brush angle to meet the specific demands of each job.

XERO Carbon Fiber Trad Pole 2.0 

The 12-foot XERO Trad Pole stands out as a premium window cleaning tool, crafted from 100% Carbon Fiber. This material ensures a lightweight yet exceptionally durable option for various cleaning tasks. Emphasizing rigidity, the pole eliminates any flex to deliver precise and accurate cleaning. Its compact structure enhances ease of transportation, and each pole section is thoughtfully equipped with a built-in end defender, protecting against potential damage when placed on concrete surfaces.

With your XERO Carbon Fiber Trad Pole 2.0, you receive two necessary components: the XERO Acme Pole Tip and the Unger Threaded Wood Cone Adapter. The XERO Acme Pole Tip seamlessly integrates into your pole, resembling a Euro tip. However, when paired with the wood cone adapter, it becomes compatible with traditional window cleaning tools. The Unger Threaded Wood Cone Adapter provides a reliable mechanism for attaching tools to the end of your extension pole, ensuring a secure fit. The pressure fit of tools on the cone guarantees they remain firmly in place during use.

Portable Hose Reel Assembly - 150 Foot

These portable reels are designed to balance compactness with durability, ensuring they can withstand heavy-duty usage. Specifically crafted to alleviate strain on your pure water system, these reels enable independent movement and effortless transportation. Their rubberized feet provide secure stability, whether placed inside your truck or on the ground, even while extending or retracting the hose.

Featuring a hose with a 3/8 inch inner diameter and a 5/8 inch outer diameter, these reels come equipped with a high-quality hose that not only resists kinking but also boasts a maximum pressure rating of 300 PSI. Each reel includes a three-foot inlet hose, complete with a female garden hose connector for easy attachment to your purification system. The opposite end of the inlet hose is fitted with a male garden hose fitting, facilitating a seamless connection to your water-fed pole.

XERO Boar's Hair Brush - Fast Lock - 12 Inch

When dealing with stubborn and built-up dirt, the XERO Boar's Hair Brush is the ultimate solution. This exceptional brush is purposefully crafted for aggressive scrubbing, leveraging its natural Boar's Hair Bristles to effectively eliminate grime. Equipped with the fast lock socket and a convenient tee fitting, this brush ensures a swift and hassle-free connection to your pole hose. 

XERO Nylon Brush - Fast Lock - 18 Inch

The XERO Nylon Brush - 18 Inch is great for its exceptional gliding capabilities on glass surfaces. It's made with two lengths of nylon bristles tailored to meet your cleaning needs. The inner bristles are shorter, providing optimal scrubbing power while staying firmly on the glass, while the outer row of bristles is longer, allowing them to spread out and effectively reach window edges and corners. This XERO brush comes equipped with four powerful pencil jets to blast away dirt and grime. 

XERO Rinse Bar

Specially crafted for 12 and 18 inch XERO brushes, this Rinse Bar ensures a seamless fit. It effortlessly attaches to the brush block, enabling a consistent and straight directional stream of water to flow over the brush surface. Made from durable plastic, it serves as a practical and robust add-on for your brush. The installation of the rinse bar takes seconds, transforming the rinsing process into a quick and effortless task.

XERO Contact Scrubber

The XERO Contact Scrubber conveniently attaches to the angle adapter on your XERO Fast Lock, allowing you to easily flip your pole around for vigorous cleaning action. The complete contact scrubber includes the XERO Walnut Pad, designed to handle stubborn and stuck-on spots. Crafted from crushed walnut shells, this pad strikes the ideal balance between toughness for aggressive scrubbing and gentleness for surfaces where scratching is a concern.

Premium Quick Connect Set

Preserve your pure water and take control of the water flow with the Premium Quick Connect Set. This adaptable tool guarantees a reliable connection between your hose and water-fed system. The set includes the Unger HydroPower On/Off Valve, the XERO Premium Quick Connect Push to Fit Set, and fittings that seamlessly work with your 5/16" water-fed hose.

Just push the XERO Push to Fit Straight Fitting onto your 5/16" hose for easy installation. When it's time to disconnect the hose, simply press down on the blue top for a swift and effortless detachment.

XERO In-Line Shut-Off Valve

Simplify the task of shutting off the water supply to your brush with this handy in-line shut-off valve. Just cut your hose and insert a piece into each end of the push fitting for easy setup. The sturdy construction of this valve ensures lasting durability and reliability, ultimately saving you valuable time on the job

Exceed Uni-Valve

Experience easy water flow control for your brush with the user-friendly Exceed on/off valve. Installing and using this valve is super straightforward. The Uni-Valve seamlessly fits into the #1 section of your water-fed pole. To initiate water flow, just pull on the tubing at the bottom of the pole. When you want to stop the water flow, a simple tug on the tubing does the job. 

XERO Pure Carbon Filter - 10 Inch

The 10-inch XERO Pure Carbon Filter, with a 2.5-inch outer diameter, is made to seamlessly integrate into your XERO Pure system. For peak efficiency, it is advisable to swap out the filter with a new one either every two months or after processing around 5,000 gallons of water.

XERO DI Cartridge with Resin - 10 Inch

This pre-filled Virgin resin cartridge is crafted for convenient refillability, ensuring a trouble-free replacement of resin. It is advisable to replace the resin when TDS readings surpass 10 ppm. 

*Kit is subject to change. Last updated for May 2024


  • Perfect for residential jobs
  • 12 Year warranty on system and poles
  • Includes three XERO water-fed brushes
  • Includes both trad and water-fed poles

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  • Is all this made in the USA???

    We build all of our systems, poles, and brushes right in our NY warehouse!

  • Can you connect both poles to the water fed system?

    You can, but we don't recommend running the XERO Pure with two poles without adding a pump. To hook the XERO Trad to this system, you will need to convert it with a XERO Deluxe Trad Upgrade Kit.

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