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Leasing with XERO

Take your business to greater heights.

Why Lease?

No Payments For 90 Days

You heard it right! 90 days, no pay. Leasing is an amazing way to get the high-end equipment you need while making manageable monthly payments. We receive many requests from folks wanting to invest in equipment that will grow their businesses from the ground up. From companies just starting out to seasoned professionals scaling their brands, we’ve got plans for everyone. Plus, having cash on hand can help keep your business operating. No need to worry about sudden expenses that pop up when you least expect them to! Leasing is a great way to allow you to do this. Apply today to see what you’re qualified for!

Fine Print

Providing equipment leasing and financing services is something XERO has done for years for good reason! Window cleaners, pressure washers, and cleaning companies ranging from solo workers to whole crews benefit from this all while having a healthy cash flow. Equipment from XERO can make you the profits you need to keep going, and getting it ASAP is super important. Each day you’re not making money is a day you’re losing it! So, check out some frequently asked questions below or give us a call directly at 862-220-3875!

Absolutely not. Applying to finance with XERO will simply see if you are approved and how much you are approved for. We lay out all documentation and total payments with you before signing anything, walking you through the process step by step, so you are fully informed.

During the application process, XERO performs what is known as soft credit checks. Rest assured, these will not affect your credit score.

Any purchase of $1,000 or greater is eligible to be financed. You can finance as many items as you’d like as long as the total amount reaches $1,000 or more.

We do not recommend low-cost financing for a small amount, such as $1,000-2,000, because the rates are not as good, and you’ll end up paying double or more for lower-priced items that lie in this price range.

During this process, there will be some documents that the bank will want to see, such as proof of address and proof of business ownership. The good news is getting these documents will not commit you to anything. The only thing that will bind you is when you decide to get a lease contract to sign off on.

Unfortunately, we cannot combine leasing with special offers or promotions. Items on our sale page, special offers, and promotions are excluded and not eligible for leases, no exceptions. We only allow complete up-front payments for special prices.

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