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What are total dissolved solids?

Pure water is simply the H20 molecule. Anything else like minerals, metals, salt, cations, or anions in the water are considered Dissolved Solids. These are what leave water spots on glass and surfaces after the water dries. TDS measures the amount of these "Total Dissolved Solids" within your water to determine if it is Hard (over 100) or Soft (under 100). You need to consider both your TDS and frequency of work to find your perfect pure water system.

How do total dissolved solids apply to window cleaning?

Your TDS determines what type of purification system you need and how high your operational costs will be.

What do you recommend if my TDS is under 100?

If your TDS is under 100, then you are working with what is considered soft water. This is great news for you! You can complete jobs with an easy to use, single stage system.

Single stage systems rely only on DI Resin to purify the water through ion exchange. XERO currently offers a DI Tank or the Double DI Cart as your options.

The DI Tank has one chamber that contains resin. Simply hook up your source water to the input side and connect your pole hose to the output. The water will circulate through the resin to get the TDS under 10.

The Double DI Cart is for frequent users. This ups the capacity of resin by using two chambers and also introduces a carbon filter to pull out larger impurities that may be present in your source water.

For either system, simply remove and replace the resin once it's exhausted and your TDS starts reading above 10 ppm.

What do you recommend if my TDS is over 100?

For hard water areas, running only a DI tank is not going to be cost effective because you will run through the DI Resin incredibly quickly. Instead, you need a multi stage system that will draw out a majority of the impurities before the water hits the final DI chamber for that final polish.

Here's an example:

If your water isย 222 ppm you could expect about 700 gallons for 23 working hours per resin refill which is around $139. A Multi Stage system like the XERO Pure will give you 5,500 gallons for 184 hours and it would only be $79 to refill the resin. To accomplish that same 5,500 gallons with only a DI Tank, it would cost you close to $1,100. You can easily see how that would add up.

Multi Stage systems utilize at least a pre-filter, RO Membrane, and a DI Housing to effectively purify hard water.

XERO offers the Pure Line with options for any budget or workload.

What is the most popular purification system sold?

The original XERO Pure is our most popular system because it's affordable and cost effective. This system utilizes a carbon filter to remove large impurities from the water. Then an RO Membrane to remove the bulk of the contaminates before the water finally moves to the DI resin for that last finishing touch to get below 10 ppm. All of this is built onto a durable and portable frame that makes getting around your job easy.

If you work with a multi person crew, heights over 60 feet, or need a compact system, we'd be happy to guide you through your search. Reach us on chat or by phone at 862-220-3875 and our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions to find your perfect pure water system.

Multi Stage Systems

Single Stage Systems


XERO DI Tanks are great for soft water areas. Once your TDS meter starts reading too high, just replace the DI Resin. It's easy to change out the old resin too. If you work out of a smaller vehicle and only need occasional pure water, this is it!

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XERO Double DI Cart

This DI Cart is designed for soft water areas. It features a sturdy frame, non-proprietary filter changes and two 20 Inch DI Housings. Upon delivery, this DI Cart is fully assembled and filled with resin, ready to go.

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