What are total dissolved solids?

“Dissolved solids” refer to any minerals, salts, metals, cations or anions dissolved in water. This includes anything present in water other than the pure water (H20) molecule and suspended solids. So when we refer to TDS, we are measuring your water quality or how hard (or soft) your water is. Your TDS and how often you plan on using your system (daily, frequently, infrequently, etc.) are two of the most important factors in choosing a waterfed purification system.

How do total dissolved solids apply to window cleaning?

Simply put, the lower the TDS, the lower your purification system cost can be.

What do you recommend if my TDS is under 100?

ADI tankwill be a cost-effective method of purification. Shop our selection of Single-Stage systems that are high-quality and reliable options for those working in areas with soft water.

If you are looking for a complete option, we have that available too! We recommend looking at the XERO DI Package. It comes with a 1/2 Cubic Foot DI Tank and the XERO pole of your choice. The Unger HydroPower Ultra Packageis another complete option for those with softer water. You can choose your Unger HydroPower system and pair it with a premium Unger water fed pole.

What do you recommend if my TDS is over 100?

A DI tank will NOT be a cost-effective method of purification. You need a Multistage System.

Here's an example:

Let's say your water is  222ppm and you are using a standard DI tank. You would only expect to produce around 700 gallons of work for 23 working hours at a cost of $99 per resin refill. Now, let's compare to that if you were using a multi-stage system like the Xero Pure. You can expect to produce about 5,500 gallons or work for 184 hours before spending $59 to refill the resin. So to produce the same 5,500 gallons through a DI tank only would cost you roughly $800. See where the savings compounds over time?

Want to do more research? Check out our Understanding Purification Guide or reach out to our customer service team and we'd be happy to go as in-depth as you want!

What is the most popular purification system sold?

Our line of XERO Pure Revolution Purification Systems are routinely our best selling systems for many reasons.. It just works, it's simple to operate and cheap to maintain. It can handle the hardest of water and is an affordable pure water system for a residential or commercial cleaning business. We sell hundreds of these units each year and are 100% confident in their ability. You're also covered by a killer warranty. Check out our post on Ten+ Reasons To Buy A XERO Pure.

However, there are many different purification setups available and we'd be happy to chat with you about them as well! Maybe a multi-stage system with a pump such as the IPC HydroCart would be a better option for you. There are even systems that allow you to make and transport your own pure water, such as the Tucker Fill N Go System.

Multi Stage Systems

Single Stage Systems