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XERO High Flow Upgrade Kit


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Product Description

About the XERO High Flow Upgrade Kit

Elevate your water-fed pole setup with the XERO High Flow Upgrade Kit! This comprehensive package includes nine essential tools designed to take your water-fed game to the next level.

Included in this kit is 100 feet of XERO High Flow Hose. Made from ether-based polyurethane, this kink-free hose boasts a 1/4-inch inner diameter and a slightly larger 3/8-inch outer diameter, ensuring superior water flow compared to standard water-fed pole hoses.

You'll also get a XERO High Flow Hose Quick Connect, enabling easy attachment to the included on/off valve. With this convenient tool, you are able to seamlessly control your water flow from the pure water system. 

But that's not all – the kit also includes a 5/16 to 3/8 Inch XERO Push-to-Fit Straight Reducer, a 3/8 Inch XERO Push-to-Fit Straight Fitting, and a XERO In-Line Shut-Off Valve - 10mm.

The highlight of the XERO High Flow Upgrade Kit is the ability to choose your favorite 18-inch XERO brush. Each brush is equipped with the XERO Fast Lock socket and features an 18-inch XERO Aluminum Rinse Bar. 


  • Greater water flow
  • Features nine tools
  • Includes:
    • XERO High Flow Hose 100'
    • XERO High Flow Hose Quick Connect
    • XERO In-Line Shut-Off Valve - 10mm
    • XERO Push-to-Fit Straight Fitting - 3/8 Inch
    • XERO Push to Fit Straight Reducer - 5/16 to 3/8 Inch
    • XERO Outlet Quick Connect
    • XERO Aluminum Rinse Bar - 18 Inch
    • XERO Brush - 18 Inch of your choice
    • XERO High Flow Hose Connection to Brush

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