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XERO Walnut Pad Holder Kit


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Product Description

About the XERO Walnut Pad Holder Kit

Remove stubborn dirt and grime effortlessly using the XERO Walnut Pad Holder Kit. This kit is specifically designed to fit onto any standard angle adapter compatible with most water-fed poles.

The pad itself is constructed with crushed walnut shells, ensuring a safe cleaning experience for surfaces that require extra care to avoid scratches.

Fast Lock vs. Euro

If you have already set up your water-fed pole with the XERO Fast Lock System, you can select the "Fast Lock" option. By opting for Fast Lock, you can take advantage of the square block attachment point and use the provided adapter to connect it to the back of your brush, forming a Y configuration. Alternatively, you can connect it directly to your Fast Lock system for efficient glass cleaning.

However, if you still utilize legacy angle adapters and haven't fully transitioned to the Fast Lock System, the "Euro" option is the ideal choice. With the Euro option, you can connect exclusively to the angle adapter on the XERO Fast Lock for the Y configuration, enabling seamless integration with your existing equipment.


  • Removes tough dirt and grime
  • Compatible with most water-fed poles
  • Made from crushed walnut shells
  • Fast Lock or Euro options
  • Available in Large (9") and Mini (5.5")

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