XERO Ultimate Deluxe Upgrade Kit

XERO Ultimate Deluxe Upgrade Kit

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Stuck with just a boring waterfed pole? We have the perfect kit to take your waterfed pole to the next level. Meet the XERO Ultimate Deluxe Upgrade Kit!

This kit includes some of the most useful accessories while on the job. The Tucker Swivel Gooseneck and Rinse Bar are a great addition to the Tucker Boar's Hair Brush which has aggressive scrubbing power. The Bronze Wool Pad Holder Kit only adds to your scrubbing ability. You'll also receive a number of useful fittings and quick connects. The Uni-valve will help aid in water conservation. All in all, this a great collection of tools to have in your arsenal!


  • Tucker Boar's Hair Brush (12 Inches)
  • XERO Hose - 100'
  • Tucker Swivel Gooseneck
  • Tucker Rinse Bar
  • Walnut Pad Holder
  • XERO Acme Pole Tip Set
  • 5/16" to Garden Hose Quick Connect
  • XERO Outlet Quick Connect
  • EZ Snap Quick Connect Set
  • Y Push Fittings, T Push Fittings & Straight Push Fittings
  • In-Line Shut-Off Valve
  • Exceed Univalve