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XERO Triple Pure Package

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About the XERO Triple Pure Package

The XERO Triple Pure represents the pinnacle of pure water systems in the window cleaning industry. Boasting impressive size and power, this state-of-the-art machine offers unparalleled performance.

At the heart of this system are three 40-inch RO membranes, which work to produce an impressive flow rate of approximately 3 gallons of purified water per minute. This ensures a steady and reliable supply of purified water, allowing you to tackle even the most demanding cleaning tasks without interruption.

In terms of construction, the XERO Triple Pure's ultra-thick metal frame is twice the size of previous models, providing exceptional stability and durability. The system also features a range of filtration components, including a 10-inch sediment filter, a 10-inch chloramine filter, and a 20-inch refillable DI tank made of ultra-durable plastic. Additionally, it incorporates durable brass hose connections, top-quality wheels with a steel axle for added support, and a pressure gauge for monitoring tap pressure.

To safeguard the longevity of the RO membranes, the system incorporates both a sediment filter and a chloramine filter above the DI tank. These filters effectively protect the membranes from the adverse effects of chloramines commonly found in city water. The sediment filter efficiently removes solid particles that may be present in the water, ensuring optimal purification.

One notable feature of the XERO Triple Pure is its innovative utilization of wastewater. By redirecting wastewater from two of the RO housings into the third membrane, the system minimizes water waste and enhances overall efficiency. This design allows you to maximize the utility of the system while minimizing environmental impact.

The DI Filter in this system offers double the capacity of previous models, reducing the frequency of filter replacements. This translates to extended cleaning periods without the need to constantly replace the refillable DI cartridge, providing convenience and cost savings for the user.

With its triple RO membranes, the XERO Triple Pure empowers you to tackle large-scale projects such as solar panels and commercial complexes with ease. Its seamless cleaning experience, combined with its balanced design, ergonomic features, and robust construction, make it the ideal choice for professionals in the window cleaning industry.



Effortlessly take on residential tasks with the XERO M9. Featuring six adjustable sections, this pole extends up to 21 feet, perfectly suited for tackling low-level jobs. When it comes time to store the pole, it conveniently collapses to a compact length of just 53 inches for easy mobility and hassle-free storage.

Pro Series

The XERO Pro Series is a perfect choice for commercial cleaners. Choose the Pro Ultra pole for a stiffer and lighter option, or opt for the Pro Basic for a reliable and standard option. 

Micro Series

The XERO Micros are ideal for individuals who work from small vehicles or need space-saving solutions. These poles have a unique feature where every other odd section is equipped with a special end defender. This allows you to remove sections and have a lightweight pole when cleaning low-level windows. You can choose from the Micro Basic, which offers a standard lightweight option, the Micro Destroyer, known for its enhanced durability and firmness, or the Micro Ultra, which provides the ultimate lightweight experience in the Micro series.


The XERO Destroyer boasts impressively thick walls and is crafted from Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber, making this pole extremely lightweight and rigid. This 30-foot pole weighs 4.8 pounds, with each additional extension piece adding a mere 2.1 pounds to the overall weight.


The XERO Delight is made using ultra-high modulus carbon fiber, resulting in an exceptional combination of lightness and stiffness. This pole guarantees a comfortable experience for your shoulders, all while eliminating the worries of bending or warping. With a weight of only 5.11 pounds, the XERO Delight reaches an impressive height of 45 feet. Additionally, it's composed of nine sections that are securely fastened using sturdy clamps.

Each of these packages comes complete with a XERO Hybrid Brush, pole hose, XERO Fast Lock System, and all the essential fittings. If you need any assistance in choosing the right package or require guidance during the setup process, our dedicated product specialists are ready to lend a hand. Just get in touch with us, and we'll gladly provide the support you need.


  • User-friendly
  • Triple ROs
  • 10-inch sediment filter
  • 10-inch chloramine filter
  • 20-inch refillable DI tank
  • 3 gallons of water per minute
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Includes:
    • XERO Triple Pure
    • XERO Pole
    • XERO Hybrid Brush
    • Pole Hose
    • XERO Fast Lock System
    • Fittings

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