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XERO Trad Adapter


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Product Description

It's never been easier to use your traditional tools on your XERO Trad or Water Fed Pole. These handy adapters use popular tips from top manufacturers to securely hold your traditional hand tools. 

Each specialty tip attaches to the aluminum tip that slides into the top of your pole. One of the two holes will allow the spring inside the tips to snap into place, unless you opt for the Wagtail version, which is riveted on a carbon fiber tip.

These tips are easy to swap out and affordable! Try one out today. 

*These don't fit on retired XERO poles with glue on clamps.

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  • Hello, so I have a Pole with pipe tread fitting so I can use it for Paint rollers are wash brushes. Is the there a adapter the I can add so that I can add my Moerman Excelerator 2.0 Handle too?

    Great question! If your current pole has standart ACME threads, to make your Moerman Excelerator compatible, you could use the XERO ACME Pole Tip Set, and utilize just the wooden cone, that could thread right onto the pole you currently have. Your Excelerator would fit onto the wooden cone via a pressure fit.

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