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XERO SteveOnator Pole

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About the XERO SteveOnator Pole

SteveO has utilized his vast expertise to craft this exceptional water-fed pole. Its constructed using the highest grade of high-modulus carbon fiber available before entering the ultra-high-modulus range. This ensures that the pole is both exceptionally rigid and lightweight and ideal for performing tasks at full extension without experiencing any wobbling. 

The durable clamps are designed to securely hold the extended sections in place. Additionally, each section is equipped with a plastic end defender, which protects the pole from damage even if an end cap is not present. If necessary, sections can be removed to obtain the perfect pole size for the job at hand. The top three sections are designated as a Trad Pole, offering the benefit of dual functionality. This means that whether you are engaged in waterfed work or tackling storefronts, this pole is versatile enough to handle it all. To utilize the pole for waterfed work, the XERO Acme Tip needs to be purchased. The XERO Universal Extensions are also compatible, allowing for an additional 10 feet of length to be added when required.

Each complete pole option includes 50 feet of XERO hose and a black dual-trim hybrid brush. This brush features a combination of nylon and boars hair bristles, offering an optimal balance between smooth gliding and aggressive scrubbing. The nylon bristles can splay out to access corners and edges effectively. The necessary fittings for connecting the SteveOnator to your waterfed system are also provided. Plus you get a complimentary SteveO t-shirt, just make sure to choose your desired size. While SteveO prefers the XERO Pure systems, this pole is compatible with any pure water system.

You can also opt for the bare pole choice if you don't require all the additional accessories that are included with the complete pole options.

If you are in search of a stiff, versatile pole, SteveO offers the perfect solution. To learn more, feel free to contact our product specialists via chat, phone, or email.

*Hose Color May Vary


  • 40 and 50 foot pole options
  • Complete or bare pole options
  • Trad Pole in the top 3 sections
  • Plastic end defenders on every section
  • Made from top quality high modulus carbon fiber

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  • I want to use this to clean ships holds. Ideally 60-80 feet, which can be supported by a suspension rope with hi pressure water connection from above so that the pole does not bet too heavy. What is the max length that you can provide

    We would reccomend you use the XERO Destroyer - This pole is available in lengths 30 all the way up to 90. Even with the longer length, the pole is still light. The 90 foot pole (the max length we provide) only weighs 17.3 lbs! If you would like further assistance, you can always reach out to us at 862-220-3875 or email

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