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XERO Solar Pole


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Product Description

About the XERO Solar Pole

Discover the next level of solar panel cleaning with the innovative XERO Solar Pole. This advanced pole is engineered specifically for solar panel cleaning, featuring a unique hybrid water-fed brush designed to tackle various cleaning tasks effortlessly. With two versatile water flow options, it adjusts quickly to meet diverse cleaning needs while providing superior performance and efficiency.


The XERO Solar Pole is available in three lengths: 18, 24, and 30 feet, catering to different job sizes with ease. Constructed from a combination of carbon fiber for lightweight strength in the inner sections and glass fiber for near non-conductivity in the outer sections, it offers both durability and safety. The modular design allows for easy adjustment of the pole's length by removing or adding sections, making it adaptable and cost-effective.

Each pole is equipped with robust bolt-on clamps that ensure secure locking of extensions and ease of maintenance. The pole also includes a protective plastic end defender to prevent damage from rough surfaces. It comes complete with 100 feet of XERO High Flow Hose for enhanced water flow and a XERO Fast Lock Angle Adapter for optimal brush angle adjustment.

Optimized Solar Brush

The accompanying 23-inch hybrid brush combines smooth-gliding outer nylon bristles with tough inner boar hair bristles for effective debris removal. The brush supports dual rinsing methods with its six built-in jets and dual 12-inch rinse bars, providing thorough cleaning coverage. Quick-connect fittings included with the brush allow for rapid switching between jet and rinse bar setups, enhancing the cleaning process. 

Connecting the XERO High Flow Hose to your brush is straightforward with the included straight reducers. These push-to-fit connectors are designed for ease of use, enabling quick transitions between the jet and rinse bar setups, ensuring a hassle-free cleaning process. 

XERO Warranty


  • 18, 24, and 30 foot sizes
  • Glass Fiber Outer Section
  • Carbon Fiber Inner Sections
  • XERO Hybrid Brush - 23 Inch
  • Durable
  • Includes 100' of High Flow Hose
  • Fast Lock Angle Adapter
  • Two 12" Rinse Bars
  • Six Brush Jets

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