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Product Description

The XERO Pure is the premier waterfed purification system for professional window cleaners. This unit has been the best selling system for many years in a row.

Why do window cleaners love it? It's high-quality and just works, it's simple to operate and cheap to maintain. It can handle the hardest of water and is an affordable pure water system for a residential or commercial cleaning business. This unit is manufactured right here in the USA with the highest quality parts. It is truly built with the window cleaner in mind. 

The XERO Pure runs in three modes: RO only, DI only, or RO-DI together:

  • RO / DI: This is the default mode. Use this mode during normal operating conditions.
  • DI Only: Hit the job site and run into low water pressure? This is a common problem for other systems on the market today. Your only options are to use a booster pump or not use the system at all. Logistically, when water pushes through an RO membrane, you lose a lot of pressure. The DI only mode allows you to bypass the RO membrane and work straight through your DI filter so low water pressure situations are no longer an issue. Keep in mind that the DI-only mode will cause the system to use up a bit more resin than normal but this is a small price to pay to finish the job.
  • RO Only: This mode is the most affordable. Just like you can switch to DI only if you encounter low pressure, you can do the same with RO. If you are in an area with softer water and your TDS is low you can save your resin and use this mode. This is a great way to lower operating costs. This mode is also useful for times when spot-free results are not needed like solar panel cleaning or glass pre-scrubs.

Did you know the RO membrane can last up to four years with proper care and storage? The RO membrane's main job is to extend the life of your DI resin so it is very important. If you are storing this for the winter or even long-term be sure to use the RO protect. If the time comes when you do need to purchase a replacement RO membrane, we have that available too!

What are some other benefits of the XERO Pure! We're so glad you asked!

  • Features 3 stages of purification & 3 modes of operation
  • You are not locked into expensive proprietary replacement filters
  • Made right here in the USA by the reputable IPC
  • Use the unit laying down or standing up
  • Lightweight and easy to transport (weighs in at 70 lbs)
  • No pump or electricity needed
  • Stainless steel housing,  brass fittings & high-quality hoses

What does the system include?

  • The XERO Pure unit
  • An instruction manual
  • Hose (50 feet)
  • TDS Meter (Measure water quality)
  • RO Protect (For Winter/long-term storage)
  • Filter wrenches & lubrication packet
  • 6 Year Warranty
  • Continue Support and Customer Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Warranty

We are proud to offer a standout warranty on all XERO purification systems.

When you purchase any one of our XERO Pure or XERO Pure Revolution Systems, you are covered by a warranty that covers all parts of the system for 6 years, except for the RO membrane.

Enjoy a six-year warranty on clamps and a six-year warranty on all XERO Poles, regardless of whether it is standard Carbon Fiber, High Mod or Ultra High Mod. We are here to help in any way!

Please note that we will not cover damage caused by dropping, tipping over or breakage in transit. The shipping cost is not included. The warranty does not cover the shipping cost on any warranty items outside of the USA as well. If you are an international customer, we can cover the parts but you must pay for the shipping prior to us sending them out. Get in touch with us if you have any questions at all!

Shipping & Delivery FAQ

All orders are fulfilled by XERO Products Company from their warehouse in Florida, NY.

All orders ship same day if you order before 4:30 EST. Orders received later in the day/evening will ship the next business day.

All orders ship fast and free for the contiguous United States. Does NOT include Hawaii and Alaska. 

Most items by default ship FedEx or UPS. But, we will use whatever carrier can get your supplies to you the quickest. If you have a special request, please contact us.

In an emergency and need your equipment ASAP? Give us a call at 862-266-0677.