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XERO Pure Plus

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Product Description

About the XERO Pure Plus

The XERO Pure Plus takes the XERO Pure to the next level! These affordable units are designed to last. Improvements to the Plus include a larger DI Housing, an additional filter, and a pressure gauge. 

Waterfed window cleaning is only possible thanks to purification systems that remove impurities from source water, so windows dry clean when you're done scrubbing them down with your pole and brush. This system uses four filters to purify the water. Unlike the original XERO Pure, water enters into a sediment filter to remove the large contaminants. Then it flows into a Chloramine filter to combat this additive that is ending up in city water. Removing the chloramines helps extend the life of the RO membrane, which is where the water goes next. The RO membrane does the bulk of the work in removing impurities from the water. The final stage is the DI filter. This beefed-up 21-inch housing allows for double the DI resin capacity of the original unit so you'll be doing a lot fewer filter changes. The best part is that all of these filters are non-proprietary, so you can pick them up from your favorite supplier.

In addition to the improvements of the filters, there is also a pressure gauge attached to this unit that lets you monitor the water pressure as it enters the RO so you can easily identify any issues as it's operating. 

Built on a beautiful, powder-coated, candy-red frame, this system is made to last. Large flat-free wheels let you easily wheel it around the shop and job sites. You can operate this system standing up or lying down. It weighs only 57 lbs so it's easy to load and unload from your work truck or van.

Best part of buying a XERO System? The included 12-year warranty against defects. Still have questions? Just reach out to our experts to find out if this is the right system for you. 

What's In the Box:

  • XERO Pure Plus
  • Large Filter Wrench
  • Small Filter Wrench
  • RO Guardian
  • O-Ring Lube
  • TDS Meter
  • Owner's Manual

Questions & Answers

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  • Can this system be used to wash cars and not leave water spots if you let the water sit too long….and will it drip dry?

    This system will produce pure water which will dry completely spot free when used correctly. If you are intending to only wash vehicles, give us a call as there might be a more afforable option based on your TDS, and ONLY use microfiber to wash the vehicle to avoid micro scratch swirls.

  • Whats the GPM on this unit? Will it work for washing cars spot free in a home application?

    This unit will produce .5-1 GPM, depending on source water pressure, and whether or not you have an additional pump. We have several customers that utilize pure water systems for car washing, but we would recommend giving us a call to make sure you get the appropriate system for your area and needs. You can reach us anytime at 862-220-3875

  • How long does it take before needing to change the filters with daily usage of water containing 50 TDS ?

    With a TDS that low, a Plus system with a 20" DI can be expected to make between 3,000 and 4,000 gallons before the DI (resin) needs to be replaced. The pre-filter should be changed every 5,000 gallons or every two months roughly.

  • How much does the Xero Pure Plus weigh?

    This system weighs 57lbs

  • Hey, I just purchased the XPR plus. Is there a bypass valve to flush to RO filter? The previous system we had we would have to flush the filter before and after use. If this doesn’t come with a flush valve is it necessary to flush this filter?

    Correct, There's no need to flush the filter.

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