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XERO Pure MAX Plus Package

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About the XERO Pure MAX Plus Package

If you are a professional window cleaner seeking exceptional equipment, look no further than the XERO Pure MAX Plus Package. The Pure MAX Plus system surpasses expectations, elevating the original MAX to an entirely new realm. Notable improvements consist of advanced filters, an expanded DI capacity, and the inclusion of a pressure gauge.

This model incorporates a sediment filter as the entry point for water, unlike the original Pure Max system, which features a regular carbon filter. The purpose of this sediment filter is to capture large impurities present in your source water. Then, the water passes through the new Chloramine filter, which aids in extending the lifespan of your RO membrane. Many water suppliers now add chloramine to their water, which can result in premature replacement of the RO membrane. However, this filter effectively addresses this concern. In the next phase, the water travels through the dual RO membranes, eliminating the majority of impurities from the source water. Finally, the water undergoes the last stage through the DI system. The Pure MAX Plus boasts a 21-inch housing, offering an advantage over the standard unit's 10-inch housing. This results in fewer filter changes for you.

The sturdy steel frame of the system securely houses all the filters, featuring a powder-coated finish in a distinctive dual-tone blue and green. For easy transportation, this system is equipped with large flat-free wheels. The addition of a pressure gauge allows you to conveniently monitor the water pressure as it reaches the RO membranes.

With an impressive water production rate of 1 gallon per minute, the XERO Pure MAX Plus empowers you to effortlessly tackle tall windows or utilize two poles simultaneously without the requirement of a pump.

Each of these XERO Pure Max Plus Packages includes all the essential components you need to begin enjoying your new system. You can expect to find a XERO Hybrid Brush, pole hose, angle adapter, and all necessary fittings included.

Choose the ideal XERO pole to perfectly complement your new system:


Effortlessly manage different residential tasks with the XERO M9. This exceptional pole incorporates six sections, extending up to 21 feet, allowing for efficient completion of low-level projects. When not in use, the pole conveniently collapses to a compact size of 53 inches, ensuring easy maneuverability and hassle-free storage.

Pro Series

For commercial cleaners seeking unmatched performance, the XERO Pro Series stands out as the ultimate choice, as it boasts an exceptional reach of up to 70 feet. If you prioritize superior stiffness and lightness, the Pro Ultra pole is the perfect option. Alternatively, the Pro Basic offers a more standard choice without compromising on quality.

Micro Series

If you work from compact vehicles or prioritize space efficiency, the XERO Mico poles are the perfect solution. These poles offer easy customization, with end defenders placed on alternating odd sections. This enables you to remove segments, maintaining a lightweight pole specifically designed for lower window tasks. Choose from the following options that suit your preferences:

  1. Micro Basic: A standard, lightweight pole that provides excellent functionality.
  2. Micro Destroyer: A sturdier and more durable pole for increased resilience.
  3. Micro Ultra: The lightest Micro pole available, ensuring maximum agility and ease of use.


Unleash your potential with the XERO Destroyer and discover new horizons in water-fed pole tasks. This extraordinary option showcases impressively thick walls and is meticulously crafted from Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber, resulting in an exceptionally lightweight pole. The foundational 30-foot pole weighs 4.8 pounds, with each extension piece contributing just 2.1 pounds, ensuring effortless handling and enhanced maneuverability.


Crafted from ultra-high modulus carbon fiber, experience the perfect balance of lightness and stiffness with the XERO Delight Pole. This exceptional pole is an excellent choice for individuals seeking to reduce strain on their shoulders, providing a reliable tool that remains free from bending or warping. Despite its impressive height of 45 feet, the XERO Delight weighs only 5.11 pounds, making it remarkably lightweight. With 9 sections firmly connected by clamps, this pole guarantees stability and durability throughout your operations.


  • 12 Year System Warranty on all XERO Parts 
  • Water Production Rate of 1 GPM
  • Easy to Transport
  • Enhanced Filters
  • Larger DI Capacity
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Fewer Filter Changes
  • Powder-Coated Steel Frame
  • Includes:
    • XERO Pure MAX Plus
    • XERO Pole
    • XERO Hybrid Brush
    • Pole Hose
    • Angle Adapter
    • Fittings

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