XERO Pro Ultra Light High Mod Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

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Product Description

This pole is made up of ultra-light High Mod Carbon Fiber and is the lightest pole in the XERO Pro series. If you are an owner/operator or use your pole daily, this is an excellent choice as it is extremely lightweight. Great for residential or commercial window cleaners!

Investing in this pole means you are working with a higher level of Carbon Fiber so these premium poles are top of the line and great for daily users. No more dealing with aching shoulders at the end of the day or flexing poles.

Sturdy clamps secure each section in place while you work. A plastic end defender protects the carbon fiber from surface damage when you don't have an end cap on.

This pole includes everything you need to start cleaning right away. Attached is the Tucker Black Hybrid Brush which features a combination of boars hair and nylon bristles in a dual trim configuration. This allows for great glide and superior scrubbing power. Your purchase also comes with hose, a quick connect on/off valve to conserve water and a standard angle adapter which allows you to adjust the angle of your brush.


  • 30' (Telescopic) - 74.5" Collapsed - 3.5 lbs
  • 40' (Telescopic) - 82" Collapsed - 5 lbs
  • 50' (Telescopic) - 85" Collapsed - 6.5 lbs
  • 50' (Modular Scopic) - One 10 Foot Extension - 82" Collapsed - 7 lbs
  • 60' (Modular Scopic) - Two 10 Foot Extension - 82" Collapsed - 9 lbs


Ask a Question
  • I need a light, 30' water fed pole that's made in the U.S.A. to clean my home's windows and metal roof. I intend to use it 3-4 times a year. Can I connect the XERO Pro Ultra Light High Mod Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole to a garden hose? I don't need any fancy water purification system. Thanks.

    You could hook this pole up to a garden hose with a quick connect, but we strongly do not recommend  this. In order to efficently clean windows with a water fed pole, a water purification system is needed to product Pure Water. If pure water is not used, impurities like spots/streaks will be left on the glass. If you're planning on using it only 3/4 times a year, we do have more afforadable Single Stage DI Systems that can produce pure water.

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