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XERO Pro Ultra Light High Mod Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole


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Product Description

About the XERO Pro Ultra Light High Mod Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

Experience the pinnacle of quality and performance with the Pro Ultra Light Pole. Among the Pro Line variants, this pole stands out as the ultimate combination of rigidity and lightness. Designed with the needs of daily users in mind, it provides a solution for working at heights without straining your shoulders or flexing your pole.

The Pro Ultra Light Pole incorporates sturdy clamps that firmly secure each section, providing stability as you work. Choose the complete pole option to receive the Tucker Black Hybrid Brush, a XERO hose, a quick connect on/off valve to conserve water, and a XERO Fast Lock. Alternatively, choose the bare pole option if you want to replace an old pole or if you already have a favorite water-fed brush and hose.

This Ultra Light Water Fed Pole caters to both residential and commercial window cleaners, earning the admiration of novices and seasoned professionals alike. Its rigidity and durability ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality.


  • Lightest pole in the Pro Series
  • Made from Ultra High-Modulus Carbon Fiber
  • Highest grade carbon fiber in the Pro Series
  • Poles from 30' up to 60'
  • Easy-to-use clamps
  • Choice of a complete or bare pole
  • Durable

Questions & Answers

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  • If i buy the 40' model can i buy the extensions later if i need to add length or is it a different set up on the pole?

    Yes! You can purchase extensions when you need them later. XERO Poles are designed to grow (or shrink) as you need them to.

  • I need a light, 30' water fed pole that's made in the U.S.A. to clean my home's windows and metal roof. I intend to use it 3-4 times a year. Can I connect the XERO Pro Ultra Light High Mod Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole to a garden hose? I don't need any fancy water purification system. Thanks.

    You could hook this pole up to a garden hose with a quick connect, but we strongly do not recommend  this. In order to efficently clean windows with a water fed pole, a water purification system is needed to product Pure Water. If pure water is not used, impurities like spots/streaks will be left on the glass. If you're planning on using it only 3/4 times a year, we do have more afforadable Single Stage DI Systems that can produce pure water.

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