XERO Pro Basic Add On Set

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Product Description

Easily add 10 feet to your 30 or 40 foot XERO Pro Basic Water Fed Pole with this add on set!

One great thing about the Pro Basic Water Fed Poles is that it grow with your company. You can easily add sections as you land those bigger jobs or if you need to reach higher.

If you originally bought the 30 Foot XERO Pro Basic Pole, you can use the 40 Foot Add On Set which will give you a fully telescopic 40 foot pole. The number 7 and 8 sections slide right over your current pole so they are completely nested. If the time comes, you can always add the 50 Foot Set that includes sections 9 and 10 to add. This will add another 10 feet to your pole.

These add on sections are made from the same lightweight and durable carbon fiber as your XERO Pro Basic Water Fed Pole so no quality is sacrificed. 

Starting Pole

For a 40' Pole 

For a 50' Pole

XERO Pro Basic - 30'

Add On Set - 40'

Add On Sets: 40' & 50'

XERO Pro Basic - 40'


Add On Set - 50'

XERO Pro Basic - 50'




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