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XERO J2 Pole

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The idea behind the short glass fiber XERO J2 Extension Pole came from our friends Jacob and James of the BackFlip Boys. It is three sections, 6 feet long and 40 inches collapsed!

Each section has the same clamps that are on our XERO waterfed poles, meaning they are durable and easy to adjust while you work. Each section also has a built-in end defender to keep your J2 protected when you set your pole down. Need a shorter pole? Simply take sections off.

Every J2 pole comes standard with an acme tip and wood cone adapter. You can also select your favorite brand to add a trad adapter designed to fit those tools securely. Choose between XERO, Ettore, Unger, Dr. Angle, or Wagtail.

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  • will it fit the Moerman 2.O

    If you select the XERO or Unger Pole tip, your Moerman 2.0 will be compatible via pressure fit.

  • Hello, I’m interested in the j2 pole. I need a strong, lightweight, adjustable pole that will extend to 40ft. I use universal screw on attachments. I am not a window washer and do not the water stuff. Will this pole work for me ? Thanks, Rick

    The XERO J2 fully extends to only 6 feet, so this pole is not work based on the length you specified. We don't offer any traditional extension poles that extend longer than 20 feet. Since you are not a window cleaner and won't utilize the pole for water fed cleaning, we'd suggest getting a bare pole. The 40ft XERO Pro Basic Bare pole will reach the height you mentioned, is only 6lbs , and has 8 adjustable sections. If you'd like more assistance with finding the right pole for you, give us a call at 862-266-0677, or use our live chat feature and one of our product specialists will be happy to help you.

  • Hi do you ship to the uk please?

    Not at this time but hopefully soon!

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