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XERO Gooseneck 2.0


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Product Description

About the XERO Gooseneck 2.0

With a unique and enhanced design, XERO Products proudly presents the XERO Gooseneck 2.0. This cutting-edge pole attachment is engineered to extend the reach of your water-fed pole, enabling you to reach deep window sills effortlessly. Conquer tricky angles and access awnings that were once beyond your existing pole setup's reach. With an upgraded clamping system and five different length options to choose from, this gooseneck offers enhanced convenience and greater flexibility for personalized use.


The XERO Gooseneck 2.0 is constructed using a combination of carbon fiber and high-quality steel, ensuring both durability and lightweight functionality. The complete gooseneck system comprises three essential parts:

  1. Gooseneck Elbow: This component is designed with a 45° bend, specifically tailored to position your Gooseneck Extender at the optimal angle for cleaning purposes. It serves the dual purpose of preventing the pole from bouncing off surfaces or scraping against buildings. One end of the Gooseneck Elbow inserts into the top of your pole, while the other end slots into the Gooseneck Extender. Additionally, it includes an anti-spin notch that keeps the Elbow facing the correct direction.

  2. Gooseneck Extender: The Gooseneck Extender is a lengthy bar that significantly extends the reach of your pole. It features a bolt-on clamp on both ends: the top clamp is designed to accept your Fast Lock Adapter or Pole Tip, while the bottom clamp allows for easy detachment from the Gooseneck Elbow, enabling you to switch sizes effortlessly. With five size options available (12, 18, 24, 36, or 47 inches), you can choose the perfect fit to suit your window cleaning preferences.

  3. XERO Fast Lock Angle Adapter: This component attaches to the end of the Gooseneck Extender and enables quick changes of brushes that utilize the Fast Lock system. The Angle of the adapter can be adjusted, providing you with the ultimate flexibility for various cleaning tasks.

More on the XERO Gooseneck 2.0:

What sets this gooseneck apart from others on the market is that it offers the convenient ability to effortlessly switch between Extender lengths thanks to the integrated clamps on both sides. Instead of the traditional approach of purchasing complete goosenecks in different lengths, the XERO Gooseneck 2.0 provides you with the flexibility to acquire the five Gooseneck Extenders separately, eliminating the need for a complete setup in each size.

This convenience not only saves valuable time on the job but also conserves space in your tool bag. Additionally, it makes owning various sizes of goosenecks more cost-effective. You can start with one Extender and acquire additional sizes as needed in the future.


Need help deciding which option will best suit your needs? Read the option descriptions below to assist you in making a decision or reach out and one of our product specialists will be happy to help!

Complete Gooseneck

If you're interested in the XERO Gooseneck 2.0 and wish to start with just one size for now, you can opt for the "Complete Gooseneck" selection and choose your preferred size. The Complete Goosenecks include the Elbow, Extender, and Fast Lock Adapter, providing you with everything you need for a complete setup.

Consider selecting the "Full Set" option if you want to try out all the sizes or are unsure of which one you need. This choice includes all five size variations of the Gooseneck Extender, one Elbow, and one Fast Lock Adapter, allowing you to experiment with and evaluate all the different sizes available.

Gooseneck Extender

If you need only the Gooseneck Extender in a specific size you need or to replace a missing piece, you can choose the "Gooseneck Extender" option and select the size you need. It does not include the Gooseneck Elbow or the Fast Lock Angle Adapter.

Gooseneck Elbow

Opt for the "Gooseneck Elbow" option if you need additional Elbows to keep complete Goosenecks readily available. This choice provides you with the Elbow piece and does not include a Gooseneck Extender or a Fast Lock Angle Adapter.

**Brush Not Included


  • Efficient cleaning of deep sills with a  45° elbow
  • Helps to prevent pole from bouncing off the side of a building
  • Gooseneck Extender made from Carbon-fiber
  • Gooseneck Elbow made from steel
  • Durable and lightweight
  • New clamping system to allow for easy length customization
  • Available in five different lengths

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