XERO Deluxe Trad Pole Upgrade Kit

XERO Deluxe Trad Pole Upgrade Kit

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If you have the XERO Trad Pole and want to transition to waterfed cleaning this is the kit for you!

This upgrade Kit has everything you need to convert your pole to waterfed cleaning. It includes six different items to dive into the world of waterfed and convert your curent setup. 


  • Tucker Black Dual Trim Brush - Hybrid
  • XERO Hose - 50 Feet (color may vary)
  • XERO Outlet Quick Connect
  • XERO Standard Angle Adapter
  • XERO Pole Hose to Garden Hose Barb Quick Connect
  • XERO Pole Tip - Anti-Spin

*Hose color may vary