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XERO Chloramine Reducing Filter - 2.5 x 10

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Product Description

About the XERO Chloramine Reducing Filter - 2.5 x 10

Experience the power of the XERO Chloramine Reducing Filter, meticulously engineered to deliver pure water by effectively reducing chloramine, chlorine, and odors. These carbon blocks are crafted using NSF-certified components of the highest quality Coconut Shell Activated Carbon. They serve as the perfect solution for both point-of-use and Reverse Osmosis applications.

Say goodbye to traditional Granular Activated Carbon and Powdered Activated Carbon filters. The XERO Chloramine Reducing Filter excels in situations requiring high chlorine reduction without the common issues of channeling, fluidizing, bypassing, or the release of carbon fines. Its efficiency knows no bounds, effectively eliminating sediments, color, SOCs (soluble organic compounds), VOCs (volatile organic compounds), dioxin, insecticides, pesticides, and industrial solvents.


  • Reduces chloramine, chlorine, and odors.
  • Crafted using NSF-certified components
  • Removes sediments, SOCs, VOCs, insecticides, pesticides, and more
  • Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Questions & Answers

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  • Will this filter be better than the zero pure filter that comes standard in the xero pure also will it even work for the xero pure system?

    This filter is for a XERO Pure PLUS or Pure MAX Plus. This is specifically for reducing Chloramines in your source water ans should not replace your carbon filter.

  • does this use a carbon block ? Where are they made

    Great question! This is a coconut shell activated carbon block that reduces chloramines. These are made in the USA with locally and ethically sourced ingredients.

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