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XERO Big Scrubber


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Product Description

About the XERO Big Scrubber

Discover the groundbreaking XERO Big Scrubber, a perfect combination of XERO and Maykker products. These remarkable kits are comprised of a XERO Aluminum Rinse Bar, a XERO Fast Lock Swivel Brush Attachment, a XERO Big Scrubber Pad Holder, and your preferred 10-inch Maykker Sleeve. This holder is equipped with Velcro for quick and secure attachment of your preferred sleeve. This product combination is crafted to cater seamlessly to both traditional and waterfed window cleaning methods.

The integration of the XERO Fast Lock Swivel Brush Attachment allows you to effortlessly attach and detach the XERO Big Scrubber to any pole that uses the Fast Lock System. The swivel mechanism facilitates smooth horizontal and vertical movements, ensuring a swift and hassle-free range of motion. For those considering the use of a brush alongside the XERO Big Scrubber, the XERO Fast Lock Y Attachment is available for purchase.

Select the Maykker Sleeve that Aligns Best with Your Requirements

Maykker Python Sleeve

Made using premium microfiber, the Maykker Python Sleeves stand out in their ability to soak up water and window-cleaning solutions effectively, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience. These sleeves are extremely low-maintenance – just place them in the washing machine and allow them to dry naturally.

Maykker Scotsman Sleeve

Crafted from a compact and absorbent microfiber tweed, the Maykker Scotsman Sleeve offers excellent water retention capacity. The substantial weight of these sleeves makes them ideal for tackling demanding cleaning tasks, especially for windows with heavily soiled surfaces. They can easily be cleaned through machine washing.

Maykker Hedgehog Sleeve

Effortlessly removing tenacious debris from various glass surfaces. The Maykker Hedgehog Sleeve is equipped to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges. Embedded within the absorbent microfiber fabric, small textured spines aid in effortlessly erasing stubborn stains. Cleaning is a breeze – simply place them in the washing machine and let them air dry.

Maykker Switch-Mop

Created using high-quality premium microfiber material, the Maykker Switch-Mop Sleeve guarantees exceptional absorbency. Incorporating a detachable blue scrubber strip, it effectively focuses on and eliminates tough dirt. While the Switch-Mop is suitable for machine washing, we recommend taking out the scrubber strip. Clean it using a gentle cycle with cold water, and then allow it to air dry by hanging.

*The Hedgehog and Switch-Mop sleeves are not recommended for windows with film tint, E-glass, or bulletproof glass.


  • Can be used for both water-fed and traditional window cleaning
  • Quick and easy sleeve changes
  • Velcro attachment
  • Includes:
    • XERO Aluminum Rinse Bar
    • XERO Fast Lock Swivel Brush Attachment
    • XERO Big Scrubber Pad Holder 
    • Your choice of Maykker Sleeve

Questions & Answers

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  • Can I use this with a Gardiner pole?

    Great question! The XERO Big Scrubber will work with your Gardiner poles as long as you are using the XERO Fast Lock System. If you are using a euro threaded tip on your waterfed pole, then unfortunately this isn't compatible. We highly recommend making the switch to the Fast Lock! The Fast Lock System lets you change out brushes and accessories quicker while keeping them more secure.

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