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The XERO Ultimate Commercial Kit

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About the The XERO Ultimate Commercial Kit

Looking for the perfect water-fed setup to tackle commercial cleaning jobs of all sizes? The Ultimate Commercial Kit has everything you need for success. This comprehensive package features over 15 carefully chosen tools, crafted to enhance your commercial water-fed cleaning capabilities to the highest level.

What's Included?

The System of Your Choice: XERO Pure MAX Plus or MAX Power

The XERO Pure MAX Plus enhances the original MAX system with several significant upgrades. It includes a sediment filter to capture large debris in your source water and a chloramine filter that extends the life of your RO membrane, ensuring years of dependable, pure water production. A newly added pressure gauge allows for precise monitoring of water pressure from the pre-filters to the RO membranes, while a bracket secures both the pre-filters and the larger DI cartridge. This model features a 21-inch refillable DI cartridge, doubling the capacity of the standard 10-inch version in the XERO Pure MAX, which means less frequent replacements and extended filter life.

The XERO Pure MAX Plus delivers 1 gallon of water per minute, allowing efficient cleaning of high windows or the use of two poles simultaneously without needing a pump. It also includes a 12-year warranty against defects from XERO.

Evolving further, the XERO Pure MAX Power introduces an integrated pump within its framework, providing unmatched freedom and efficiency for cleaning windows and solar panels. This version stands out with a built-in 110V motor and rotary vane pump that delivers an impressive 3 gallons per minute. Powered by a robust half-unit horsepower motor and equipped with a pressure regulator that operates up to 100 PSI, it maintains consistent pressure suitable for various cleaning situations, including low source pressure, high elevations, or simultaneous multi-pole operations. The built-in TDS meter, featuring advanced microprocessor technology, guarantees accurate TDS readings, enhancing overall efficiency. Additionally, this system offers the option to use pure RO water for cleaning solar panels and non-transparent surfaces, thus optimizing cost efficiency by conserving DI resin.

XERO M9 Water Fed Pole

The XERO M9 Water Fed Pole extends up to 21 feet and collapses down to 53 inches, making it easy to store and transport. It is built to last with robust clamps and an end-defender on the outermost section for added protection. This pole comes complete with a hybrid brush, 30 feet of hose, and all necessary fittings for quick assembly and immediate connection to your pure water system.

XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole

The XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole, constructed from Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber, offers an outstanding blend of lightness and strength. The base pole, at 30 feet, weighs only 4.8 pounds, while optional Universal+ Extensions can be added, each extension increasing the pole's length by 10 feet and weighing 2.1 pounds, perfect for tackling taller structures. This pole features seven retractable sections, allowing for versatile adjustments to suit various cleaning tasks. It is equipped with robust clamps for easy height adjustment and secure locking, and a durable plastic defender at the pole's end enhances longevity. Available in lengths of 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 feet to meet diverse commercial requirements, each pole comes with hose and a XERO Hybrid Brush. This 12-inch brush combines nylon and boar hair bristles, facilitating smooth movement and effective scrubbing on various surfaces.

XERO Nylon Brush - 18 Inch

The XERO Nylon Brush, spanning 18 inches, is designed for smooth gliding over glass surfaces. It features dual-length nylon bristles that are engineered to optimize your cleaning process. The shorter inner bristles focus on powerful scrubbing and maintaining contact with the glass, while the longer outer bristles extend to clean edges and corners thoroughly. Equipped with four pencil jets, this brush effectively removes dirt and grime, making it an excellent choice for maintaining pristine windows.

XERO Boar's Hair Brush - 18 Inch

For those tough-to-clean panes where aggressive scrubbing is necessary, the XERO Boar's Hair Brush is your go-to tool. Constructed with natural Boar's Hair bristles, it's ideal for tackling stubborn dirt on windows that require deep cleaning. While this brush might be heavier and gather more dirt compared to others, its cleaning power makes it invaluable for challenging tasks, ensuring impressive results.

XERO Hybrid Brush - 18 Inch

Combining the best of both worlds, the XERO Hybrid Brush integrates boar's hair and nylon bristles in an 18-inch frame, accompanied by four dynamic pencil jets. The boar's hair inner bristles deliver intense scrubbing power to remove embedded dirt effectively. Meanwhile, the longer nylon outer bristles enhance the brush’s gliding ability and extend into corners and crevices of windows, providing a comprehensive cleaning solution.

XERO Portable Hose Reel Assembly - 150 Foot

The XERO Portable Hose Reel is expertly crafted for durable use and designed for ultimate convenience in managing hoses for your pure water system. This compact reel ensures ease of transport and independent movement, thanks to its rubberized feet that stabilize the unit during use, whether in your vehicle or on-site. It includes a high-quality hose measuring 3/8 inch in inner diameter and 5/8 inch in outer diameter, resistant to kinks and capable of handling up to 300 PSI. Each reel also comes with a three-foot inlet hose, complete with a female garden hose connector on one end and a male garden hose fitting on the other, facilitating straightforward connections to your water system and water-fed pole.

XERO Rinse Bar

Perfectly matched with 18-inch brushes, these XERO 18-inch rinse bars enhance your cleaning capability by providing a consistent water flow over the brush. They are constructed from durable plastic and attach effortlessly to your brush block, making setup quick and simple. With this addition, rinsing off surfaces becomes an efficient and seamless part of your cleaning process, significantly reducing effort and improving effectiveness.

XERO Contact Scrubber

The XERO Contact Scrubber makes agitating dirt and grime effortless. It easily attaches to the angle adapter on your XERO Fast Lock, enabling you to switch quickly when needed. Included in this setup is the XERO Walnut Pad, crafted from crushed walnut shells, which cleans effectively without risking scratches on sensitive surfaces. This scrubber is ideal for removing tough, stuck-on stains with its durable and gentle cleaning pad.

XERO Deep Scrub

The XERO Deep Scrub is a lightweight attachment for water-fed poles, designed to tackle stubborn dirt and grime with ease. This attachment features a thick, abrasive scrub pad that effectively lifts dirt off windows while providing substantial scrubbing power. Uniquely designed to be gentle on glass, it ensures a scratch-free clean, setting it apart from other abrasive tools. Built to last, the XERO Deep Scrub offers enduring performance, making it an essential tool for window cleaning professionals. For added convenience, the scrub pads are disposable, so there's no need to wash them—simply replace the pad with a new one as needed.

Exceed Uni-Valve

The Exceed Uni-Valve offers a convenient, user-friendly way to control the water flow to your brush. Easily installed in the #1 section of your water-fed pole, the valve operates by a simple tug on the tubing at the base of the pole. A second tug stops the water flow, making it exceptionally easy to manage water usage and conserve resources during cleaning tasks.

XERO Extended Gooseneck

The XERO Extended Gooseneck provides the necessary angle for deep sills and prevents the pole from making contact with building sides. It includes a euro tip that can be replaced with a XERO Fast Lock adapter to fit your system seamlessly. With its anti-spin feature, the gooseneck maintains alignment with your pole, enhancing stability. This set includes three sizes: 12", 18", and 20", all set at a 45° angle for optimal reach and efficiency.

XERO Ultra Valve

Manage your water flow with precision using the XERO Ultra Valve. This valve allows for quick adjustments with a simple twist, controlling the water from your hose outlet to your 5/16" hose. Constructed from durable brass and featuring a secure push-to-fit connection, the Ultra Valve is essential for quickly changing brushes or pausing your work without hassle.

XERO Fast Lock - Swivel Brush Attachment

The XERO Fast Lock - Swivel Brush Attachment enhances the functionality of your water-fed pole by enabling your brush to pivot in both horizontal and vertical directions. Its swivel adapter allows the brush to glide smoothly, facilitating effortless and precise cleaning maneuvers. This attachment also features a quick-release mechanism for rapid brush changes, enhancing efficiency and ease of use.

XERO EZ Snap Quick Connect Set

Enhance your water-fed pole setup with the XERO EZ Snap Quick Connect Set, designed to effortlessly connect 5/16" hoses. This set includes both male and female fittings, featuring a 3/16" barb that is compatible with standard water-fed pole tubing, simplifying the assembly and disassembly process.

XERO Pole Tip - Acme

The XERO Acme Pole Tip is designed for seamless integration with your water-fed pole, functioning similarly to a Euro tip. It is compatible with a wooden cone adapter, allowing it to accommodate traditional window cleaning tools, thus expanding the versatility of your cleaning equipment.

Unger Threaded Wood Cone Adapter

The Unger Threaded Wood Cone Adapter allows for the secure attachment of traditional window cleaning tools to your pole. Featuring internal ACME threads, it pairs perfectly with the XERO Acme Tip to hold tools firmly in place, enabling you to utilize your preferred traditional cleaning tools at any height.

Replacement Filters

Included in this kit are three essential XERO replacement filters to maintain optimal performance of your filtration system. The set includes the XERO Chloramine Reducing Filter - 2.5 x 10, which effectively reduces chloramine and chlorine levels. The XERO Sediment Filter 5 Micron - 10 Inch captures large sediments, ensuring cleaner water flow. Additionally, the kit features an easy-to-install refillable XERO DI Cartridge with Resin.


  • Great for commercial cleaning tasks
  • 12-year warranty on XERO Systems and XERO Poles
  • Contains these carefully selected tools:
    • XERO Pure MAX Plus or MAX Power
    • XERO M9 Water Fed pole
    • XERO Destroyer Water-Fed Pole
    • XERO Nylon Brush - 18 Inch
    • XERO Boar's Hair Brush - 18 Inch 
    • XERO Hybrid Brush - 18 Inch
    • XERO Portable Hose Reel Assembly - 150 Foot
    • XERO Rinse Bar - 18 Inch
    • XERO Deep Scrub - 16 Inch
    • XERO Contact Scrubber
    • Exceed Uni-Valve
    • Unger Threaded Wood Cone Adapter
    • XERO Extended Gooseneck
    • XERO Ultra Valve
    • XERO Fast Lock - Swivel Brush Attachment
    • XERO EZ Snap Quick Connect Set
    • XERO Pole Tip - Acme
    • XERO DI Cartridge with Resin - 21 Inch
    • XERO Chloramine Reducing Filter - 2.5 x 10
    • XERO Sediment Filter 5 Micron - 10 Inch

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