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XERO Pure MAX Package

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About the XERO Pure MAX Package

Whether you're new to the game and looking for a complete kit to get started or if you're a Pro ready to expand your business, this water-fed package from XERO covers all the bases! 

With this package, you get everything including a XERO Hybrid brush, pole hose, angle adapter, and fittings to get started! 

Get sparkling results while producing more gallons per minute with the dual 40-inch RO membranes on the MAX. This beast of a system gives you more water pressure than the standard Pure, allowing you to work without a pump on high windows or run two poles at once. When running dual poles, adding a pump will help produce even more water and push it farther and higher.

Choose the XERO Pole to best complement your new pure water system.

You can choose between these amazing XERO Poles:

- XERO Micro Basic

These are perfect for working out of smaller vehicles or looking to save on some space! 

- XERO Pro Basic

Great for commercial cleaners! 

- XERO Destroyer

The ULTIMATE pole in rigidity and height, work all the way up to 90 feet!


On a budget? The M9 is perfect for low-level work.

- XERO Delight

The newest pole from XERO offers the best lightness-to-stiffness ratio out of all XERO water-fed poles. Reaches up to 45 feet tall and has 9 sections!

Pick the material to best suit you.

The Basic version of the poles is the most affordable, made from durable carbon fiber for an economical choice.

If you're looking for a super lightweight pole for yourself, you can't beat the Ultra Light poles. These poles are made from Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber, making them the lightest option.

For the stiffest option, you'll want to get the XERO Destroyer. These poles can have add-on sections utilized all the way up to 90 feet. 

*Hose & Wheel Color May Vary.

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  • What’s the resin capacity for this unit and how hard is it to reset the resin for reuse.

    The DI Housing on the XERO Pure Revolution MAX holds a 10-inch refillable DI cartridge. To change out the resin, simply unscrew the DI housing, take out the filter, unscrew the top, dispose of old resin, and pack in new resin. It's a simple process that takes a few minutes to complete.

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