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XERO Micro Ultra Light High Mod Carbon Fiber Pole


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Product Description

Introducing the premier pole of the XERO Micro series! This pole is made of Ultra Hi Modulus Carbon Fiber and it is the lightest version of this pole. This is the perfect option for owners/operators or if you just want the most effortless, lightweight pole to work with. 

This pole is made from top of the line Ultra Hi-Modulus Carbon Fiber that has been woven and then sanded. This aids in it being the lightest pole in the Micro line. It includes the features of the XERO line you have grown to know and love, which include: bolted on and easy to use clamps, compact, and perfect for residential work. If you want a truly light and premium pole, this is a great option for any professional window cleaner.

The 30-foot pole can compact to just 53.5 inches making it the perfect option for smaller work vehicles. This short pole is super easy to transport and maneuver but doesn't skimp on the reach when you need to get the job done!

This pole is made up of 9 sections. Each one nests together for the ultimate configuration and user experience. It's easy to extend sections when you need the reach or if you are working on a smaller pole, simply remove sections you don't need! The main 30-foot pole weighs just 4 lbs. The odd sections of the pole (1, 3, 5, 7, and 9) all have built-in end protectors for added durability.

What does this complete pole include? You will receive the  XERO Ultra Light High Mod Carbon Fiber Micro Water Fed Pole, XERO Hose, a Tucker Brush, and a XERO Fast Lock.


  • 30 Foot (Modular Scopic) - No 10 Foot Extension - 4.15 lbs
  • 40 Foot (Modular Scopic) - One 10 Foot Extension - 6.41 lbs
  • 50 Foot (Modular Scopic) - Two 10 Foot Extensions - 8.67 lbs
  • 60 Foot (Modular Scopic) - Three 10 Foot Extensions - 10.93 lbs

Questions & Answers

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  • Can this pole be used as a trad pole?

    It definitely can be used as a trad pole with either the XERO Acme Pole Tip Set, OR the XERO Trad Adapter Set, depending on which tools you are looking to use.

  • Is it 100% uhm ?

    This water fed pole is 100% High Modulous Carbon Fiber!

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