XERO Pure Revolution Plus

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Product Description

The XERO Pure Revolution Plus takes the XPR to the next level! These affordable units are designed to last. Improvements to the Plus include a larger DI Housing, an additional filter, and a pressure gauge. 

Waterfed window cleaning is only possible thanks to purification systems that remove impurities from source water, so windows dry clean when you're done scrubbing them down with your pole and brush. This system uses four filters to purify the water. Unlike the original XERO Pure Revolution, water enters into a sediment filter to remove the large contaminants. Then it flows into a Chloramine filter to combat this additive that is ending up in city water. Removing the chloramines helps extend the life of the RO membrane, which is where the water goes next. The RO membrane does the bulk of the work in removing impurities from the water. The final stage is the DI filter. This beefed-up 21-inch housing allows for double the DI resin capacity of the original unit so you'll be doing a lot fewer filter changes. The best part is that all of these filters are non-proprietary, so you can pick them up from your favorite supplier.

In addition to the improvements of the filters, there is also a pressure gauge attached to this unit that lets you monitor the water pressure as it enters the RO so you can easily identify any issues as it's operating. 

Built on a beautiful, powder-coated, candy-red frame, this system is made to last. Large flat-free wheels let you easily wheel it around the shop and job sites. You can operate this system standing up or lying down. It weighs only 57 lbs so it's easy to load and unload from your work truck or van.

Best part of buying a XERO System? The included 6-year warranty against defects. Still have questions? Just reach out to our experts to find out if this is the right system for you.

What's In the Box:

  • XERO Pure Revolution Plus
  • Large Filter Wrench
  • Small Filter Wrench
  • RO Guardian
  • O-Ring Lube
  • TDS Meter
  • Owner's Manual


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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Warranty

We are proud to offer a standout warranty on all XERO purification systems.

When you purchase any one of our XERO Pure or XERO Pure Revolution Systems, you are covered by a warranty that covers all parts of the system for 6 years, except for the RO membrane.

Enjoy a six-year warranty on clamps and a six-year warranty on all XERO Poles, regardless of whether it is standard Carbon Fiber, High Mod or Ultra High Mod. We are here to help in any way!

Please note that we will not cover damage caused by dropping, tipping over or breakage in transit. The shipping cost is not included. The warranty does not cover the shipping cost on any warranty items outside of the USA as well. If you are an international customer, we can cover the parts but you must pay for the shipping prior to us sending them out. Get in touch with us if you have any questions at all!

Shipping & Delivery FAQ

All orders are fulfilled by XERO Products Company from their warehouse in Florida, NY.

All orders ship same day if you order before 4:30 EST. Orders received later in the day/evening will ship the next business day.

All orders ship fast and free for the contiguous United States. Does NOT include Hawaii and Alaska. 

Most items by default ship FedEx or UPS. But, we will use whatever carrier can get your supplies to you the quickest. If you have a special request, please contact us.

In an emergency and need your equipment ASAP? Give us a call at 862-266-0677.