XERO Extended Gooseneck

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Product Description

Get the extra reach you need and make your water fed pole more versatile with the XERO Extended Gooseneck. Available in 3 sizes! 

Compatible Poles: XERO Micros, XERO Pros, XERO Destroyers, XERO Trad Poles, XERO SteveOnator, and XERO M9


  • Get past deep window ledges
  • Keep your pole from hitting the building
  • Made from carbon fiber
  • Anti-Spin Feature
  • 45° Angle
  • Comes with hose, tip, and fitting 


Ask a Question
  • Can you run the hose through the extended gooseneck. I'm wanting to purchase a 40ft destroyer with a 20 inch gooseneck to clean my solar panels.

    Yes, you can! It comes with the hose already.

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