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XERO Contact Scrubber Complete


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Product Description

About the XERO Contact Scrubber Complete

** This Product is ONLY available for the XERO Fast Lock System ** 

Eliminate dirt and grime effortlessly with the XERO Contact Scrubber Complete and finally put an end to the constant struggle against stubborn, hard-to-remove stains. Conveniently attach the XERO Contact Scrubber to the Fast Lock adapter on your waterfed pole and begin tackling those stubborn and tricky areas while cleaning.

In combination with the XERO Walnut Pad, this waterfed accessory is tough enough for an aggressive scrub but totally safe to use on surfaces where scratching might be an issue. If your pad wears down, slap a new one on or try a different pad of your choosing!

What Style Do I Need?

Choose the Fast Lock option if you have already established your waterfed pole with the XERO Fast Lock System. This choice offers a square block attachment point, giving you the flexibility to either utilize the provided adapter for a Y configuration at the back of your brush or connect it directly to your Fast Lock.

If you haven't completely switched over to the Fast Lock System and still possess some older angle adapters that you wish to connect directly to, the Euro Basic option is the ideal choice for you. This option will accommodate your legacy angle adapters but only connect to the angle adapter on the XERO Fast Lock for the Y configuration setup. 


  • Attaches to the Fast Lock adapter on your waterfed pole
  • Aggressive scrub
  • Easily accessible on your pole when cleaning
  • Safe to use on surfaces
  • Includes spare XERO Walnut Pad

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