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Grackle - Refurbished

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Product Description

About the Grackle - Refurbished

If you're open to buying pre-owned equipment, consider exploring this refurbished Grackle. Although these used BOABs may smell like damp, dirty towels, you'll save BIG, as they're now available for just $69!

The Grackle is a versatile tool holster designed for efficiency and convenience. The front and middle sections accommodate squeegees, strip washers, or two-in-one tools up to 18 inches in length. The front pocket secures your squeegee, while the middle pocket holds your mop, keeping it wet and accessible.

With the proprietary reclaim system, any drips are directed back into the bucket for the mop to absorb, eliminating the need to bend down and refill during work. This not only saves time and effort but also keeps you and your surroundings dry. Weighing just under a pound, the Grackle is lightweight and ergonomically designed for easy tool retrieval, making it ideal for active window cleaners.

Additionally, it features two spacious loops on the exterior, perfect for holding Maykker handy sleeves, scrapers, extra squeegees, towels, or any tools you need for an efficient workflow. The Grackle's tight seal ensures no leaks, and its rugged construction, made from 1000 Denier military-grade Cordura fabric and industrial-grade vinyl, withstands daily use. It's easily washable with a gentle machine cycle and cold water, staying fresh, mold-free, and ready for action.

Equipped with a sturdy plastic clip, the Grackle securely attaches to your belt, providing easy access during work. Its compact 3.5-inch length allows for hassle-free attachment to a tool belt or directly to your trousers. The Grackle is the ultimate companion for any window cleaner, built to endure the rigors of the job and enhance your workflow.

*Please note there are no returns on refurbished products. These used Grackles can be pretty stinky and ugly, but for $69, it's totally worth it.


  • Refurbished
  • Made in the USA
  • Weighs just less than 1 pound
  • Double and triple-stitched
  • Heavy Duty Abrasion Resistant 1000D Cordura fabric covering
  • Industrial-grade vinyl lining sealed for a leak-free experience
  • Tight reservoir proprietary reclaim system prevents splashing and drips
  • 3 large tool slots
  • Fits up to an 18 Inch channel comfortably
  • 100% Military Spec (Berry Compliant) and Industrial Grade Materials


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