XERO Destroyer Water Fed Pole Neon Green - 40 Foot

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Product Description

Release your inner Hulk and smash through any job with the brand new 40-foot Neon Green XERO Destroyer! It's still the longest, stiffest waterfed pole round just in an eye-grabbing new color. 

This pole is made with super thick walls from Ultra High Modulus Carbon Fiber. With 9 sections, it allows you to add and remove extensions when needed so on smaller jobs it's easier to handle. When fully collapsed, it measures 87-inches.


  • Stiffest, most rigid pole in the XERO Series
  • Lightweight
  • Includes hose, brush, and fittings
  • Perfect for commercial cleaners


Ask a Question
  • Does this pole conduct electricity? What are your safety guidelines for your poles?

    Yes, all of our carbon fiber poles can conduct electricity! The industry safety standard is always to keep 10' away from any powerlines.