XERO Delight Water Fed Pole

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Product Description

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this delightfully ultra-lightweight and super-sturdy water fed pole! 

This pole weighs 5.11 pounds and stands at 47 feet tall. It has 9 sections that are secured in place with high-quality clamps to prevent spinning as you work. The end of the pole features a plastic end defender that protects the pole from surface damage when it's without an endcap or placing it down on different terrains. 

This is XERO's highest quality pole yet! This Ultra-High Modulus Carbon Fiber pole offers the best lightness to stiffness ratio, which means no bending or warping, and is Easier on your body(your shoulders will be thanking you!). 

Choose the Bare option if you're just in the market for the pole, and choose Complete if you want the full package including the brush, hose, and fittings.


  • 47 Foot Pole
  • Collapsed height of 6.63 Feet
  • Bare Pole weighs 5.11 Pounds
  • Made from Ultra High-Modulus Carbon Fiber
  • Highest grade carbon fiber
  • Includes XERO Hose, Tucker Alpha Hybrid Brush, and sturdy plastic fittings
  • Durable, easy to screw and unscrew clamps 


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